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Spring 2012 Newsletter!

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Also, if you are in the Grand Forks area on Friday May 11 we are going to roast a pig on the front lawn to celebrate the end of an incredible year. Hope to see you there!

Guest Post: Las Vegas Reunion

This guest post is from Jess Nicholson, Gamma Kappa alumnus.

Thank you, all attendees, all that tried to make it, but for one reason or another, couldn’t.

That was a personally emotional, rewarding , entertaining, experience for me. There was a DEPTH of being which added to the linear of time, resulting in a richness  missed in youth. Not going to say it’s better than sex but maybe less expensive.


I hadn’t seen Don McKenzie since around 1968, he looked great , fought for 2 days to get there. A pending state business audit did not detour his resolve to attend . I enjoyed meeting his better half, Donna, which gave rise to the suggestion that an effort be made to bring females to the next gathering at least for one day/ night. Thanks, Tom Chase, for your input / help from beginning , in between and end. Chase , in Nashville , recently purchased a copy of his black Ford that he’s restoring, a road trip may bring him your way. Viddy had a surprise filming of us as different characters for his latest film “Vegas Ripper.”  Thru his connections at the South Point we enjoyed attention from eating establishments, waitresses, and local characters. Where or how he got 200 drink tickets, I don’t know , but thank you! (he had some for the other guys as well) His book on Romney ” The Man Behind the Mask” is bringiing him political attention. (  Margaret stopped by with her great smile and a warm greeting. Hugh Robinson & Al remembered some old sayings, jokes that had Hutchings (Handsome Harley) or (Matt Take Hutchings), & myself in pain. Hugh & spouse have purchased a 3rd home in Prescott, Az. Al has a 6 acre spread in Va. complete with fish pond & is practicing as a pharmacist.  Matt is phasing out of his prosthetic company, enjoys fishing & not afraid to make a wager, he was of great personal assistance to me. Doug Lewis shared philosophy over breakfast & at the pool on “The Crimson Tide” & the attributes of sunshine. Tho retired from the airline, he continues in the food and beverage business in Alabama where his wife practices law. Markert had a recurrence from a  broken back but was still able , tho in pain, to attend for 2 days. Jim Rolland  suggested some high end eatery’s and was gracious enough to handle reservations. He and Vidmar brought up  concerns over the Chapter House being lost & lack of articulation / damage control from alums directly involved. There were the traditonal reactions to entrapment, clarification of definition and remembrance of brother’s that have transitioned.

If you have yet to experience a chapter rendezvous , one promise, you’ll come away with a truth you didn’t realize before.

Mighty glad to be a Beta.

Your’s in -kai-
Jess Nicholson , 717




Flashback to the 1940s

The following pictures are from Dr. Ben Clayburgh’s (’45)  days at Beta Theta Pi while he acquired his undergraduate and medical doctor degrees.  (click on photos to enlarge)


This picture was taken at a Halloween party in 1946. Dr. Clayburgh can be seen wearing glasses and a necktie seated in the third row, center right with his future wife Mina Tennison. (’45)  Mina is originally from Petersburg, North Dakota.


This photo was taken at a joint formal between Beta Theta Pi and Kappa Sigma. Dr. Clayburgh can be found on the far left in a white suit with his future wife Mina.


This photo was taken at Beta’s Mother’s Day formal in 1942. Dr. Clayburgh is seated second from the left. Behind him is his mother Mrs. Anna Clayburgh and behind her is his father Mr. Marcus Clayburgh. This photo has been restored after it spent two weeks under water during the flood of 1997 in Grand Forks.

Homecoming Formal 2009

The men of Beta Theta Pi will be holding our annual Homecoming Formal on October 3rd, 2009 at Eagle’s Crest Grill at King’s Walk Golf Course.  The buses will be leaving from the Chapter house at 6:30 pm and will return sometime after midnight.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.